Leipziger Platz


History, The Environs


Berlin´s foremmost square

Worthy of the third millenium
Investment security

The building determines the square

Types of use



The Visions

Intended expressions and functions of the new Leipziger Platz

Round-the-clock urbanity
constant movement, meetings, insights

market-place and meeting-place - a place to be and a place to become

symbol of openness and freedom of information, experience, expression

Capital-city quality
making it a place for responsibility, awareness and move-ment

Media concentration
dynamic information and communication technologies

Multi-functional structures
transcending individual buildings and taking possession of the entire square: liveliness, diversity, attractiveness

The countenance of the square
an orientation and signpost for complex communication in the buildings

The façades
imposing, stimulating, orienting, referential
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