Leipziger Platz


History, The Environs


Berlin´s foremmost square

Worthy of the third millenium
Investment security

The building determines the square

Types of use



Berlin’s foremost square

Leipziger Platz, with its historical prominence, its ex-cellent location and its size, has what it takes to become the capital’s central square.

Leipziger Platz AnsichtThe following aspects are indispensable if Leipziger Platz wants to fill the role of Berlin’s number one square:

• open for change – construction planning must be a constant development

• creation of mobility and flexibility in the buildings

• planning and establishment of activities to guarantee a 24-hour rhythm

• urbanity through user and visitor-friendly overlapping of economic, ecolo-
gical and cultural interests

• focal point of politics, culture and commerce

• commercial stronghold

"A-1 addresses" depend on broad acceptance – entertainment can be no more than a regulative factor
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